Furniture Clearances

When you are about to move house and start living in a new apartment or estate, it is very likely that you have the new house already furnished or you are going to buy brand new furniture to your new place. Then you may think a problem appears: what should you do with the old and unwanted furniture? How will the transport look like? Here is the answer: it is no problem at all because Hitchcock Antiques can take care of it, with little or no cost to yourselves.

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Never mind you have huge pieces of furniture that need to be dismantled and transported. We can help you and handle removing unwanted home & office furniture. Wardrobes, closets, bookcases, bedroom sets or dining sets can be dismantled and taken away and transport by our servicemen, so you do not have to worry about the whole process during moving house at all. Also smaller parts of furniture in your house, such as dressers, beds, all kinds of seating (chairs, couches, ottomans, sofas) and surfaces – coffee tables, desks, folding tables and many others can be carried away if you do not have the idea what to do with all of these.

Why worry about furniture clearance?

When you plan to move out, you usually have a plenty of things to remember and worry about. Why worry about furniture clearance? Your old furniture, which is unnecessary in your new estate, definitely should not be one of these things. With a reasonably low cost, our team will solve the problem for you. Hitchcock Antiques will transport and dispose your unwanted furniture. All you need to do is to decide what parts of the furniture are of no use for you and your family.

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